Tabletop and Food Director John is among a new breed of moving image maker, working in film & advertising today. 

beginning his career in production at some of london's top agencies, He decided to quit, and almost overnight began a new career as a food stylist, from his pure passion for cooking, ingredients, eating and trying out new things. many magazines, books and award winning ad campaigns later, This naturally led... after a few years living and working in making films, about food (mostly) and directing TVCs and content for some very happy clients.  


john has a constant curiosity to explore and make new and original personal work such as 'EATING* (*asmr)', his latest project. his very first film, sunday supplement, a retro glam hommage to the sunday mags of the 80s, is still one of his favourites.


His work remains authentic and true, slick and precise when it 'so needs' to be, sometimes with a little trashiness and almost always a little bit playful...


His love for realness, rawness and believability (especially when it comes to shooting food) adds something a little special to every project. and for sure, he knows a few tricks when it comes to getting the shot and bringing out the best in many many products, textures and their own tastes and flavours. 

His directing work, over the past 6 years or so is true testament to his open creative approach, in the way he develops his ideas, conceptualises and shoots with a solid and all-round, embracing  & collaborative style.


Working with brands such as KFC, Mcdonald’s, Knorr, Nespresso, Waitrose,  Harrod’s, Philadelphia, Cadbury’s Kerrygold, Pizza Hut, SKY TV or the National Theatre and many more, John gives every project a special uniqueness and personality, maybe because he loves what he does. 


John is equally very happy shooting in a small studio with a skeleton crew, on fancy locations, or on a huge stage with a big massive crew and all the bells and whistles too. 


His strong team spirit and his love of working with brilliant and  talented professionals in the film and creative industries has certainly helped him not just build a great reputation for great shoots,  make great connections and build a trusted network of fantastic collaborators in London, Berlin, Paris and lots of other places too.